Saturday, November 9, 2013

Vintage Style Christmas cards are available now in each of our locations. 

Lovely Vintage images are reproduced as greeting cards then carefully hand embellished with subtle sparkling accents on key parts of the image. Available individually or boxed.

Finally - An Update !

We have really fallen off the cart when it comes to keeping things updated but let's hope that changes with this post. Here is what is new. You can now find our merchandise in 3 locations - Geneva - Sycamore and now downtown DeKalb!

Our location in Geneva is the same - inside the Shoppes at 127 - 127 S 3rd Street Geneva

Our location in Sycamore is The Garden Market on DeKalb Ave across from the Police station - they carry a few of our things like soap and greeting cards and is also the location for custom order pickup.

Our location in DeKalb is now Decades - 235 E Lincoln Hwy

In case you missed it - our new website has a greatly improved shopping functions - there is even the option for local pick up. De'esse Boutique Online

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Easter Cards Are In !

Our Vintage style embellished Easter Cards are now available in all locations. Come on in and check them out.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Wow - have we been busy. So busy we forgot to come and update everyone on what is new.

For one - you can find our Valentine's Cards at The Wren's Nest right over
on DeKalb Ave Sycamore - aka The Garden Market (just opposite the Police Station).
And yes, there is a PUDDY Valentine's Card available  :)

We may be gone from downtown Sycamore, but we aren't really gone. Take a trip to Geneva and check out
the selection at The Shoppes at 127 - 127 S 3rd Street

You can also find our products in two local locations. The Wren's Nest / Garden Market in Sycamore
and Antiques, Vintage, Collectibles & Gifts / DeKalb Florist in DeKalb. They don't have everything we carry but we take custom orders that can be picked up at The Garden Market.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

We have sparkly Birthstone greeting cards and Topaz birthstone
 jewelry available at our new DeKalb location. 
You will find us inside of the DeKalb Florist 
corner of Peace Rd & Rt. 38
Scarves and hats too - so stop in sometime and see what is cookin'.

Well sad but true, our shop is gone from downtown
Sycamore. All good things must end I guess.
BUT - we are not really gone. You can find our complete
assortment at The Shoppes at 127 on 3rd street in Geneva
AND our Vintage assortment at the gift shop area inside
DeKalb Florists at Peace Rd & Rt.38.
We are still making soy candles, soaps, perfumes and all
the rest in our home workshop. Drop us a note, or a text
to 630-253-8880 if you need anything.
In the meantime don't forget to LIKE our Facebook page
AND add it to your Interest list or you may not see our
updates (Facebook is playing footsie with fan pages again)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Did you know that Facebook is censoring your NewsFeed?

Have you maybe noticed most of the Pages that you had liked at one point or another are no longer posting updates ?

Well they are still posting, as much as ever. It is just that FB has now decided THEY will decide what you see from your favorite pages, and what you won't see.
 If you don't frequently comment, like or click links in these posts then they start to quickly fade, until you don't get them at all. There is a solution though, and it only takes 3 quick steps.

 Do the following if you would still like to get the updates and news from your Fav pages.
Click the MORE button on the lower left, right below APPS.
This will bring up ALL of the pages you have liked at one time or another. Probably some in there you had totally forgotten you liked. Click to check the ones you are still interested in - and when you are done selecting click NEXT.
Give the list a name - like My Fave Pages - or something and you are done. Easy Peasy.
You will never again wonder where your favorite page went to. They were there, just invisible.

Thanks to The 3-50 Project for posting this important information and helpful tip.