Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fleece purses are HOT

You know how you love Fleece in the winter, how about a fleece purse for those bitter chilly days.

Nothing says comfort like a warm purse :)

Fun new fake "Fur" purses are too much fun.

Lots of colors choices in the "Cowhide" and Hudson Bay styles too.

Loads of new scarves, jewelry and purses are in this week.

We got in a bucket load of purses last week and this week it is more scarves, scarves scarves !!!

Scarves are hot and happening and we have a lovely selection of winter weight scarves. Stop in and check them out.

Purses in the next post ....

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Showing at the Heritage Farm Market today

Have you ever been to the Heritage Prairie Market outside Geneva ? We will be
there today from 11-3pm today with some of our merchandise.
We are located just west of Randall Road on Highway 38, just south on Brundige Rd. You can see the 
farm from Roosevelt Rd.
2N308 Brundige Road La Fox, Illinois 60119

The Heritage Market is a place to buy organic foods and they produce their own honey
right on the farm. Today is Turkey pick-up day for grass raised turkeys from Caveny Farm

Come out and see us - or visit our other location. We are now also located in Geneva IL
127 S Third Street in The Shoppes At 127


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Ornaments for Christmas

We got in some lovely vintage style ornaments for the holidays. Here are a few examples.

They are not listed on the website - but I might get them up on the Facebook shopping page (just click our FB page - it is there).

Vintage velour Santa Star (kinda weird, but cute too).

Vintage Santa cone for hanging and filling with candies and treats

Vintage Bottle Brush Tree in faded Red-White-Blue 

Vintage Santa Banner - kind of  a "tea stained" look of old paper. Neat !

Time for an Update !!!

My how time flies when you are busy, having fun or whatever ...

Time for some shop updates I think.

Well - it is already the Christmas season and we will have some new ornaments to show you in the next few posts. But the big news is that since June we opened a 2nd location !

It is inside The Shoppes at 127 - 127 S Third Street Geneva in what was formerly known as
Persimmon Tree. There are currently 4 different stores in this building, including the previous shop that was there for over 35 years.

It is quite an interesting blend of products, stop on in if you find yourself in Geneva IL.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


The sidewalk and garage sales start next week in Sycamore July 15-17th but we are starting a week early with ours.

This Friday we will have sale & clearance items out on the sidewalk and inside the front door so stop on in and check out the bargains !

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Perfect Summer Mineral Color for Nail Polish

That would be Chrome Pink. Wow, it's gold , it's pink, it's fabulous.

I am wearing it right now in fact.

This is a kind of "frosty" color. It is an iridescent shade with a lot of
gold luster and just a hint of pink. Kind of like gilded cotton candy.

The gold effect is really magnified in nail polish. So fun !

Looks even better with a tan.

Never used Mineral Makeup for nail polish ? It's simple. Just take some clear polish (multi-purpose basecoat, topcoat type is great) and a small scoop of minerals ( like the size of a pea) and blend them together.

That's it, really.

I sometimes I test colors on a piece of paper, just drip some clear polish over a small mound of minerals and blend.
You will need to add more clear if the polish doesn't apply smoothly at first, but it doesn't take long to get the hang of it.

You can change your polish all the time and never have to buy a full bottle of polish again.

Try it before the summer is over.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Mineral Eye Colors

Hmm, so many colors so little time.

I already have an extensive assortment of eye colors on the Mineral Makeup page on the website but darn it if I didn't find a whole BUNCH more of them and I just have to share.

These are nearly all in the slightly shimmery to sparkly category but the slightly shimmery ones are so darned subtle that even us "mature" ladies can wear a little bit of these colors and not look overdone. The key is to use them just on the lid portion so there is no highlighting of any areas that might be less than perfect. Generally your eyelid proper is a nice canvas for a bit of color.

I am going to post a few colors every few days so you can get an idea of the incredible range of these shades. As is often the case the photographs, while good, cannot capture the color shifting abilities of some of these shades.

Xian is one of them

It looks like a beigey-yellow but it really shifts from tan to gold to lime as you move it around. Just stunning and works for any eye color to give you some interest.

For the adventurous it can be used as an all over shimmer.

Did you know that you can mix mineral colors into clear polish for your own personalized nail polish ! Yep, it is so easy and so fun. Same thing with lip stain. Just apply a clear or sheer lip balm or gloss then brush in a dot of mineral color to puncht it up.

Next is a georgeous color called
Antique Copper
This is a coppery brown shade that has a fair amount of punch and delivers a medium shimmer. Perfect for eyes, eyebrows, lip gloss and nail polish.

Stay tuned for the next color installment.

Mineral Makeup is Fun and good for you too !!

Well for us girls it is - you boy readers can just take a nap right about now, ok ?

Mineral Makeup, what did we do before someone discovered this stuff ?

I could never go back to the heavy, gloppy stuff I used to smear on my face for the sake of looking better. Better my arse. It looked bad, made my skin look bad and made me look older.

Mineral makeup - and by this I mean true mineral makeup, the kind with only a few key ingredients, not the drug store stuff with a list of junk additives 5 lines long. This kind of makeup can actually be better for your skin than NO makeup. Really.

Mineral makeup serves to protect your skin from ultraviolet rays as well as dirt and dust. It lays gently upon the skin without clogging pores or causing breakouts.

If you have had a bad experience with a "mineral makeup" product then take a look at the ingredient list. If it contains more than 3-5 mineral ingredients there is your problem. Also look for the name "Bismuth Oxychloride" as a possible trigger for itching and rashes - it is a shimmer agent in many big name products and can cause irritation for many users.

Mineral foundation is the beneficial side but the fabulous colors for eyes is the FUN side.

Wow, even if you don't wear much makeup or don't experiment with colors you could still find something wonderful in the mineral world to compliment your eye color without looking overdone.

Mineral makeup is so versatile in that it can go on sheer as a silk veil or wet it and use a sharp angle brush and get an intense eyeliner color that lasts all day and night.

More on choosing eye makeup colors in the next post.

It's June already !!

Wow, time flies doesn't it ?

I can't believe it is already June. Time for something new don't you think ?

First things first. The next holiday on the schedule is Father's Day so let's give dad a FUN card for a change, ok.

How about a Puddy Father's day card ? Puddy loves to pose for cards - so don't disappoint Dad give him a card from Sycamore's own - Puddy the shop cat.

Next up - fun mineral makeup for summer ! Yea !!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Victorian Easter Cards are available for direct mail

Victorian Easter Cards

A wide range of Victorian cards are available in the shop or on the website and can be direct mailed to your recipient. The 2.95 price includes mailing cost.

Also new this month - humor cards, magnets and notepads from Trash Talk.

Too funny !

Friday, February 19, 2010

Victorian Easter Cards are coming next week

The newest addition to the Victorian Greeting card line will be Easter Cards.

Watch for them to go up on the Mail-A-Vintage-Card page next week.

This is a service where your card is mailed directly to the recipient - often the same day you order.
Only 2.95 for a beautiful Victorian greeting card - including postage and mailing.

Just like the old days.

Friday, January 29, 2010

New on the website - Victorian Valentines Cards.

I have been offering these in my shop for a year and now they are on the website as a Mail-A-Card item. IE: For 2.95 you can have a lovely Victorian greeting card mailed to any recipient in the U.S. or Canada - or for 3.95 anywhere in the world !

How cool is that ?

Most of the time if you order by noon central U.S. standard time your card will be mailed THAT day.

Right now there are only the Valentine's Cards but soon there will be Easter as well as Birthday, Wedding, Get Well and Sympathy cards. Just let us know if you want a message inside.

Check them out and let me know what you think.

PS - These are scanned images of actual Victorian cards and emephera.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Henna update:

Well, it has been a year since my first henna and I am still going strong.

I would never, ever go back to commercial color.

What I have learned is that I don't need to henna the length at ALL, it
never fades. It is nice to do a "henna gloss" every now and then to keep it nice and bright - but I have only done that maybe 3x.

A "gloss" is simply a blend of equal parts prepared henna and hair conditioner.

You glop it on, press into the hair and put on a shower cap or plastic wrap for an hour or two (I did 3 hours last time). I did this in tandem with my regular root touch up (which is easy because you don't need to be precise with henna, just squish it into your roots and "moosh" around and you are done).

The photo was taken in November - my daughter and I are having a kind of growing contest to see who can get the longest. Considering I am now past 55 I think it is kind of fun to have long hair - and the henna keeps it in optimum condition so it looks great.