Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Mineral Eye Colors

Hmm, so many colors so little time.

I already have an extensive assortment of eye colors on the Mineral Makeup page on the website but darn it if I didn't find a whole BUNCH more of them and I just have to share.

These are nearly all in the slightly shimmery to sparkly category but the slightly shimmery ones are so darned subtle that even us "mature" ladies can wear a little bit of these colors and not look overdone. The key is to use them just on the lid portion so there is no highlighting of any areas that might be less than perfect. Generally your eyelid proper is a nice canvas for a bit of color.

I am going to post a few colors every few days so you can get an idea of the incredible range of these shades. As is often the case the photographs, while good, cannot capture the color shifting abilities of some of these shades.

Xian is one of them

It looks like a beigey-yellow but it really shifts from tan to gold to lime as you move it around. Just stunning and works for any eye color to give you some interest.

For the adventurous it can be used as an all over shimmer.

Did you know that you can mix mineral colors into clear polish for your own personalized nail polish ! Yep, it is so easy and so fun. Same thing with lip stain. Just apply a clear or sheer lip balm or gloss then brush in a dot of mineral color to puncht it up.

Next is a georgeous color called
Antique Copper
This is a coppery brown shade that has a fair amount of punch and delivers a medium shimmer. Perfect for eyes, eyebrows, lip gloss and nail polish.

Stay tuned for the next color installment.

Mineral Makeup is Fun and good for you too !!

Well for us girls it is - you boy readers can just take a nap right about now, ok ?

Mineral Makeup, what did we do before someone discovered this stuff ?

I could never go back to the heavy, gloppy stuff I used to smear on my face for the sake of looking better. Better my arse. It looked bad, made my skin look bad and made me look older.

Mineral makeup - and by this I mean true mineral makeup, the kind with only a few key ingredients, not the drug store stuff with a list of junk additives 5 lines long. This kind of makeup can actually be better for your skin than NO makeup. Really.

Mineral makeup serves to protect your skin from ultraviolet rays as well as dirt and dust. It lays gently upon the skin without clogging pores or causing breakouts.

If you have had a bad experience with a "mineral makeup" product then take a look at the ingredient list. If it contains more than 3-5 mineral ingredients there is your problem. Also look for the name "Bismuth Oxychloride" as a possible trigger for itching and rashes - it is a shimmer agent in many big name products and can cause irritation for many users.

Mineral foundation is the beneficial side but the fabulous colors for eyes is the FUN side.

Wow, even if you don't wear much makeup or don't experiment with colors you could still find something wonderful in the mineral world to compliment your eye color without looking overdone.

Mineral makeup is so versatile in that it can go on sheer as a silk veil or wet it and use a sharp angle brush and get an intense eyeliner color that lasts all day and night.

More on choosing eye makeup colors in the next post.

It's June already !!

Wow, time flies doesn't it ?

I can't believe it is already June. Time for something new don't you think ?

First things first. The next holiday on the schedule is Father's Day so let's give dad a FUN card for a change, ok.

How about a Puddy Father's day card ? Puddy loves to pose for cards - so don't disappoint Dad give him a card from Sycamore's own - Puddy the shop cat.

Next up - fun mineral makeup for summer ! Yea !!