Saturday, April 30, 2011

$25 Gift Certificate Winner for April 30th 2011

And the final winner for the month is: Jocelyn Matheson. Congratulations Jocelyn.
The drawing will start over today - all entries are removed and we start again at the beginning of the month,
or right after the last Saturday of the month drawing.
Now you can still enter every month by filling out the short - 3 question customer survey about our products and services.
PLUS- you still have 2 more chances to win from your original entry - as those will be included in the larger drawing for a $50 certificate that we will do every 3 months. More ways to win, so join the list now - or fill out the Customer Survey.

Friday, April 29, 2011

$25 Gift Certificate Winner for April 23rd 2011

A bit late getting this posted - but the winner for last Saturday is: Eileen Fanella
A new winner will be announced this weekend - AND - the drawing starts anew next week.

When you join the mailing list / or / fill out the monthly survey question you are then entered into the weekly drawing.
All entries stay in the running until month's end when we discard them and start all over.
So - the beginning of the month is your best bet for getting picked - so join the EMAIL list if you haven't yet - AND fill out our 3 question product survey either in the store or here.

Call or text us with any questions - good luck on the next round of drawings !