Thursday, February 5, 2009

Victorian Valentines Available today !

New this year is our own Victorian Collection starting with the Valentine series.

Beautiful Victorian images along with romantic verses used during an era long past, but the sentiment remains the same today.
The series has Cherubs, Children and lovely floral cards, and priced at only 2.75 they are a good deal.
They aren't up on the website yet - but should be by Sunday.

Look for the Easter Collection coming out in March.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Friday is Makeup Night !!

Yes, I said Makeup Night.
Stop on in to the shop on Friday nights for free color consultations and sampling. We now have pure Mineral Makeup in a large range of foundation colors and many, many fun colors for eyes.

Grey-Blue-Aqua Eye Color
Learn how to pick natural looking eye colors that will enhance your eye color not overwhelm it. Get a complimentary color consultation to help you determine your best shades. No obligation of course, it is just for fun.
The example above is my eye color - it falls in the grey-blue-aqua range, and the eyecolor shown above is one of my favorites for a perfect color match.
It is called Tornado and is a lovely, muted, blue-green shade. This is an idea color for those of us who have green-gray , or blue-green eye color.
It compliments perfectly without overshadowing your natural color - it just magnifies it. This color could be used lightly over the entire lid or with a wet angle brush for a more intense color to use along the lashline.
Email your "eye" photo (get a closeup) and we can do a complimentary consultation by email - or right here on this blog for that matter.