Tuesday, October 23, 2012

We have sparkly Birthstone greeting cards and Topaz birthstone
 jewelry available at our new DeKalb location. 
You will find us inside of the DeKalb Florist 
corner of Peace Rd & Rt. 38
Scarves and hats too - so stop in sometime and see what is cookin'.

Well sad but true, our shop is gone from downtown
Sycamore. All good things must end I guess.
BUT - we are not really gone. You can find our complete
assortment at The Shoppes at 127 on 3rd street in Geneva
AND our Vintage assortment at the gift shop area inside
DeKalb Florists at Peace Rd & Rt.38.
We are still making soy candles, soaps, perfumes and all
the rest in our home workshop. Drop us a note, or a text
to 630-253-8880 if you need anything.
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