Saturday, April 16, 2011

$25 Gift Certificate Winner for April 16th 2011

Tamara Ramirez !
Congrats Tamara - I have sent you an email to let you know you have won.
To be entered in the weekly Gift Certificate drawing all you have to do is
stop in or visit the website and add yourself to the
mailing list (email) - OR - if you are already a list member then just fill out the
Monthly Survey Card ( 3 quick questions to help us improve our shop) and you
will be entered to win. We draw a winner every Friday night - announced on Sat.
We are keeping all entries in the bucket for 1 month - then we start all over again.
So if you have entered during April you are still in running to win until April 30th.
All entries will be emptied May 1st and we start again.
PS - The Monthly Survey will also be posted on the Blog
So you can also participate by just adding a Comment (must leave your name)
and it will count as an entry. If you are not on our mailing list, then you will need to
check the blog weekly to see if you are a winner.