Thursday, October 29, 2009

October-November Discount Coupon

The October - November discount coupon is going out to all Mailing List Members Thursday morning. We are offering 3 different discount levels this time $3, $5 and $10 discounts.

Get your coupon by signing up for the Newsletter. Signup box is on the front page of the website, left hand column.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Vintage Halloween & Thanksgiving cards are here

Our new line of Victorian / Vintage cards are now available in Halloween and Thanksgiving themes.

Christmas will be available in about 2 weeks.

These are available on the website as a Mail-A-Card service where we mail it for you to anywhere in the world - or we have them available in the shop.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Henna Chapter 2

Still LOVING Henna !

I have never had such great red color from a commercial tint, rich and realistic to boot.
Repeat applications (3 months now) have deepened the red tones. I think this will be the permanent color from now on.
Henna, like natural color looks a bit different in various lighting.
Outdoors it is vibrant and nearly electric. Indoors it is more subtle - richer looking under regular bulbs - toned down under florescent lighting.

The first photo is how it looks directly under an incandescent lamp, warm and golden red. It really brings out the gloss too.

This one is near direct sunlight - here you see the more intense, coppery red effect.

This last photo is inside the shop where there is only fluorescent and halogen lighting. Here the color is muted by the blue hued lighting.
One of the benefits of henna is that it really works as a stain - adding color to your natural color - so where you had highlights before, you still do.
It makes the effect so much more natural and the outgrowth is barely noticable if you are a medium range color to start with ( I hennaed over auburn tinted hair of about the same depth).
Starting with light hair will result in very, vibrant red and darker hair will have less of a noticable color change but the effects will be evident in sunlight.
Henna is tricky to use on completely grey/white hair as it will be very bright. I do have some grey in the front, the henna did cover it but it was quite a bit brighter than the other sections. I did touch up that one spot with a permanent color.
It will work for scattered grey as each henna application will add more color to the grey strands making them a brighter auburn highlight amongst the deeper base. It really is a nice effect, so I think I will only occasionally touch up the grey so I keep that highlight going.
If you like auburn/red and you don't mind a bit of extra time and effort to get away from chemical haircolor (or like me, you are having bad reactions to it) henna is worth a try.

If you like Victoriana you should love our new card line.

We just launched it at Valentines with a few designs and now have an entire assortment for Easter and Everday occasions.

We even added a Mail A Vintage Card service to the website - for 3.95 we mail the card for you and even add a special note.
Here was the selection for St. Patricks Day - the Easter selection will be up on the site this week.
PS - With a little notice we can even print personalized messages inside or on the front.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Chapter One - Using Natural Henna for Hair Color

My experience with Natural Henna For Hair Coloring
I decided to switch to all natural Henna this year after a bad reaction to my traditional hair color made me want to scream. The itching, and irritation were getting worse, sometimes lasting weeks after the coloring (and red needs to be done every 4 weeks ... ugh).

Since I wanted a nice rich, red shade Henna was the natural choice.

Real henna - ie: Body Art quality henna is the only way to go for a deep natural red hair color with incredible shine. The photo is 20 hours after my first time using it and the results were quite good. The color is a bit more coppery-orange the first day, but will "oxidize" and become a deeper auburn in 3-5 days and the richness and depth will increase with each repeated use.
For those who want browns or less red, mixing with natural Indigo is the way to go. More on that in the next issue.


Now a "natural" ... redhead

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Everythings coming up Roses ... and on sale !

All "rose" themed and scented products 20% off all this week in the shop and
online (online orders we will rebate the discount).

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Victorian Valentines Available today !

New this year is our own Victorian Collection starting with the Valentine series.

Beautiful Victorian images along with romantic verses used during an era long past, but the sentiment remains the same today.
The series has Cherubs, Children and lovely floral cards, and priced at only 2.75 they are a good deal.
They aren't up on the website yet - but should be by Sunday.

Look for the Easter Collection coming out in March.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Friday is Makeup Night !!

Yes, I said Makeup Night.
Stop on in to the shop on Friday nights for free color consultations and sampling. We now have pure Mineral Makeup in a large range of foundation colors and many, many fun colors for eyes.

Grey-Blue-Aqua Eye Color
Learn how to pick natural looking eye colors that will enhance your eye color not overwhelm it. Get a complimentary color consultation to help you determine your best shades. No obligation of course, it is just for fun.
The example above is my eye color - it falls in the grey-blue-aqua range, and the eyecolor shown above is one of my favorites for a perfect color match.
It is called Tornado and is a lovely, muted, blue-green shade. This is an idea color for those of us who have green-gray , or blue-green eye color.
It compliments perfectly without overshadowing your natural color - it just magnifies it. This color could be used lightly over the entire lid or with a wet angle brush for a more intense color to use along the lashline.
Email your "eye" photo (get a closeup) and we can do a complimentary consultation by email - or right here on this blog for that matter.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Valentines Duckies are available as well as lovely scented soaps, lotions, roll-on perfumes and Soy candles.

Custom scenting is our specialty - we can create nearly any scent and have quite a few designer types too (Lovespel*, Happy, Sweet Pea, Pink Sugar ...).

This months special - Honey Soap (with natural honey scent) in heart shapes.

Have you joined the mailing list yet for special discounts ?