Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Chapter One - Using Natural Henna for Hair Color

My experience with Natural Henna For Hair Coloring
I decided to switch to all natural Henna this year after a bad reaction to my traditional hair color made me want to scream. The itching, and irritation were getting worse, sometimes lasting weeks after the coloring (and red needs to be done every 4 weeks ... ugh).

Since I wanted a nice rich, red shade Henna was the natural choice.

Real henna - ie: Body Art quality henna is the only way to go for a deep natural red hair color with incredible shine. The photo is 20 hours after my first time using it and the results were quite good. The color is a bit more coppery-orange the first day, but will "oxidize" and become a deeper auburn in 3-5 days and the richness and depth will increase with each repeated use.
For those who want browns or less red, mixing with natural Indigo is the way to go. More on that in the next issue.


Now a "natural" ... redhead

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