Thursday, June 14, 2012

Did you know that Facebook is censoring your NewsFeed?

Have you maybe noticed most of the Pages that you had liked at one point or another are no longer posting updates ?

Well they are still posting, as much as ever. It is just that FB has now decided THEY will decide what you see from your favorite pages, and what you won't see.
 If you don't frequently comment, like or click links in these posts then they start to quickly fade, until you don't get them at all. There is a solution though, and it only takes 3 quick steps.

 Do the following if you would still like to get the updates and news from your Fav pages.
Click the MORE button on the lower left, right below APPS.
This will bring up ALL of the pages you have liked at one time or another. Probably some in there you had totally forgotten you liked. Click to check the ones you are still interested in - and when you are done selecting click NEXT.
Give the list a name - like My Fave Pages - or something and you are done. Easy Peasy.
You will never again wonder where your favorite page went to. They were there, just invisible.

Thanks to The 3-50 Project for posting this important information and helpful tip.