Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Friday is Makeup Night !!

Yes, I said Makeup Night.
Stop on in to the shop on Friday nights for free color consultations and sampling. We now have pure Mineral Makeup in a large range of foundation colors and many, many fun colors for eyes.

Grey-Blue-Aqua Eye Color
Learn how to pick natural looking eye colors that will enhance your eye color not overwhelm it. Get a complimentary color consultation to help you determine your best shades. No obligation of course, it is just for fun.
The example above is my eye color - it falls in the grey-blue-aqua range, and the eyecolor shown above is one of my favorites for a perfect color match.
It is called Tornado and is a lovely, muted, blue-green shade. This is an idea color for those of us who have green-gray , or blue-green eye color.
It compliments perfectly without overshadowing your natural color - it just magnifies it. This color could be used lightly over the entire lid or with a wet angle brush for a more intense color to use along the lashline.
Email your "eye" photo (get a closeup) and we can do a complimentary consultation by email - or right here on this blog for that matter.

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