Thursday, August 28, 2008

So many new things ... so little time

My, my my. There are so many new things to talk about and not enough hours in the day to do it all.

We are over a month behind in getting the newsletter out because of all the new products and seasonal items that are now in the shop. Hopefully this week will be the first of 4 weekly emails for the next month or so to try and catch up.
Here are the highlights. LOTS of new fragrances - for example.

In the Spa section the newest scent is Bamboo & Teak - a soft, sensuous combination of gentle wood scents. Lovely.

Halloween & Thanksgiving Ducks are in. A large selection of regular and Glow in the Dark duckies !
New Fall Decor just arrived TODAY . Wonderful table, wall and window decorations geared towards that oh, so, special PUMPKIN theme that we like so much in our town.

New Angel items. Lots of decor and Ornaments to choose from.
New Cat gift and decor items.

MORE ROCK SOAPS just arrived. A BIG assortment of those fabulous
soaps that look just like Gemstones. The photo above is of White Opal, a beautiful iridescent white - blue - gold soap that looks just like a gemstone.
Ornaments are coming. We have some in as of today and many more on the way.
Well - that's it for the moment.
We will be updating via cell phone whenever possible so keep a sharp watch to be on top of the latest information (if you are into that type of thing) otherwise, stop in the shop and get that free Soy Candle sample (please, take one each visit -this is how we get you HOOKED on our candles).
Thanks for checking this blog.
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The Sycamore Boutique & Scent Shop

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