Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wow, what happened to January ?

I have been planning to do an update but time just got away.

New things are coming - hopefully you have LIKED our Facebook
page by now as we will be offering promotions there on a regular
basis in the future. Going to be sending out an email update soon
too - so be sure to read it. Email is actually getting to be kind of
outdated isn't it ? I really prefer doing updates right here and on
Facebook. It is quicker and people can check back at any time and still
see the information. Emails tend to not get read, or lost in the heap
that seem to come in every day ( I get 300 emails a day, do you ?)

That said - I will probably only send an email a few times a year just
with reminders of big changes or stuff you really might want to know.
Sound like a plan ?

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